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Austria has been home to numerous great personalities- Mozart, Beethoven and the family Strauß. But none has kept the world’s attention quite as much as Sissi – Elisabeth Empress of Austria.

For generations Elisabeth’s destiny has kept the attention of authors, composers and audiences alike. Her life was at the same time fairy tale, romance and tragedy. The musical honors this great personality who denied the life – and death – of the normal woman that she was.

A tour throughout China with over 70.000 enthusiastic visitors followed the world premiere of Sissi on November 1st 2008. ASA Event GmbH, Germany’s successful musical presenter, is now able to present this production in German language to the audiences in Europe.

The musical is set in the wildly romantic alpine regions of the Salzkammergut region in Austria, the wide baroque gardens of Schönbrunn palace, Possenhofen Castle as well as the Hungarian Puszta region.

Like the popular movies, the musical depicts the great period of the Austrian empire - its glory, glamor, wealth and the luscious lifestyle at court with the extravagant fashion, jewelry and unique hairstyles. The portrayal of this sumptuous world calls for a sophisticated approach which is achieved through a highly complex technical effort including modern projection techniques. Over 140 costumes were replicated in Vienna after originals from that period. George Amade composed an extraordinary soundtrack in the style of the brilliant music of the period.

A terrific set, brilliant performers and an extraordinary soundtrack guarantee a wonderful – imperial – evening at the musical. 

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